Boris Khaikin / Leningrad Philharmonic - Glazounov. Symphony 8 - CCCP 1947

Alexander Glazounov:
Symphony no.8 in E flat major, op.83   
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Mesto  ~  III: Allegro  ~  IV: Finale - Moderato sostenuto - Allegro moderato 
Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Boris Khaikin  
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download  
MK  D  01460/1  c.1965 pressing. c.1953 matrices: -2/1 ~ 1/1  Recorded: 1947 - Leningrad 
Tape-recorded: Technical quality overall is quite bad (ghastly end of side 1 - side 2 is rather better...). Presumably there was no LP re-cut. 
NOT ON CD     Label (no sleeve-note) >>>   


Boris Khaikin / Kirov Theatre - Tchaikovsky. Maid of Orleans - CCCP 1946

Peter Tchaikovsky:  "The Maid of Orleans"  - Opera in 4 Acts

Joan of Arc............................. Sofia Preobrazenskaya  (Mezzo-Soprano)
King Charles VII....................... Vitaly Kilchevsky  (Tenor)
Agnes Sorel............................. Olga Kashevarova  (Soprano)
Dunois................................ V Runovsky  (Baritone)
Lionel................................ Lipa Solomiak  (Baritone)
Cardinal.............................. N Konstantinov  (Bass)
Thibaut............................. Ivan Petrovich Yashugin
Raymond........................... V Ulyanov
Bertrand........................... I Shashkov
Soldier............................. S Vodsinsky
Lore............................... A Marin
Angel............................... M Merzhevskaya
Minstrel.............................N Grishanov
Chorus and Orchestra of the Kirov Theatre  conducted by  Boris Khaikin  
FLAC  Mega Download   from: Myto 992.H028 (1999)  3CD: divisions @ 45.01 + 97.23  First 5mins rougher (otherwise Good!).  
BBC Radio 3  - 15 February 2007 - MiniDisc.  (originally  Melodiya  D 09311-18)   Recorded: 1946 - Leningrad.  


Erich Kleiber / London Philharmonic - Beethoven. Symphony 6 ... Mozart. Symphony 40 - Decca 1948/9

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Symphony no.6 in F major, op.68  "Pastoral"
I: Allegro ma non troppo  (Awakening of happy feelings on arriving in the country)  ~  IIAndante molto mosso  (By the brook)  ~
IIIAllegro (Peasants' merrymaking)  ~  IVAllegro  (The storm)  ~  VAllegretto  (Shepherd's Hymn; Thanksgiving after the storm)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:  Symphony no.40 in G minor,  K.550
I: Allegro molto ~ IIAndante ~ IIIMinuetto & Trio (Allegretto) ~ IVFinale (Allegro assai)

2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download

London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Erich Kleiber

Decca  ACL 2  (LXT2587)  1958 LP/matrices: ARL98/9 -1D.   Recorded: 24/5 February (+17 May) 1948 - Kingsway Hall
Decca  ACL 66  (LX3022)  1959 matrix: ARL4525 -1A.   Recorded: 25 April 1949 - Kingsway Hall
Presumably 78 transfers from c.1950 (Decca's own PU definitely used for ACL2) though the Mozart is cleaner: ACL66 matrix also for ECM518 (1969). Much editing required (bad joins, clicks, etc) ...thus superior to CD issue... ACL sleeves sleeve-notes >>>


24/48: Edward Elgar / LSO - Elgar. Symphony 1 & Symphony 2 - HMV 1927/1930

Edward Elgar:  "The Kingdom", op.51 - Prelude   (1933)
BBC Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Edward Elgar 

Edward Elgar:  Symphony no.1 in E flat major, op.55   (1930)
I: Andante (Nobilmente e semplice) - Allegro ~ II: Allegro molto ~ III: Adagio ~ IV: Lento - Allegro
3 files 16/44 zip FLAC  Mega Download           3 files 24/48 zip XR FLAC  Mega Download

Edward Elgar:  Symphony no.2 in E flat major, op.63   (1927)
I: Allegro vivace e nobilemente ~ II: Larghetto ~ III: Rondo (Presto) ~ IV: Moderato e maestoso
+ Rehearsal sequence
3 files 16/44 zip FLAC  Mega Download           3 files 24/48 zip XR FLAC  Mega Download
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Edward Elgar 
HMV  RLS 708  ("Images of Elgar": my 1974 set)  Matrices: W9251/2 -1, W9397/8 -2G/1G 
Sym.1/Kingdom have good sound/'quiet' 78 matrices (+ I've the original 78's). Sym.2 rehearsal: '6' de-clicked. 
Anthony Griffith transfers. Lotsa editing needed...(then a splitting headache for 2 days..)
RLS recording data / "Elgar on Record" pages / EMG reviews (WRC, 1971) >>>  


Fritz Busch / Glyndebourne - Mozart. Don Giovanni - HMV 1937

W.A.Mozart:  "Don Giovanni"  - Dramma Giocoso in 2 Acts
Don Giovanni................................. John Brownlee  - Bass   
Donna Anna.................................. Ina Souez  - Soprano
Donna Elvira.................................. Luise Helletsgruber  - Mezzo-Soprano
Don Ottavio.................................. Koloman von Pataky  (Kalman Pataky)  - Tenor
Il Commendatore.................................. David Franklin  - Bass
Leoporello.................................. Salvatore Baccaloni  - Bass
Zerlina.................................. Audrey Mildmay  - Soprano
Masetto.................................. Roy Henderson  - Bass
Glyndebourne Festival Chorus -&- Glyndebourne Festival Orchestra  conducted by  Fritz Busch  
FLAC  Mega Download   
EMI Pathe-Marconi  2C 151 13057-9    Previously unplayed 1981 set   (78's: HMV DB 2961-2983)    Recorded: 29 June - 5 July 1936 - Glyndebourne.   
Possibly the 1954 78 dub (HMV ALP 1199-1201).  Excellent quality/superb performance.    Re-instated files.    Album notes >>> 


Serge Koussevitzky / Boston S.O. - Brahms. Symphony 3 .. Tchaikovsky. Romeo & Juliet .. R.Strauss. Don Juan .. Hanson. Serenade - RCA Victor 1936/1945-7

Peter Tchaikovsky:  "Romeo & Juliet" - Fantasy Overture     (28 Dec.1936)
Johannes Brahms:  Symphony no.3 in F major, op.90     (2 Jan.1945)  
I: Allegro con brio  ~  II: Andante  ~  III:  Poco Allegretto  ~  IV: Allegro
Richard Strauss:  "Don Juan", op.20     (29 Oct.1947)  
Howard Hanson:  Serenade, op.35      Georges Laurent, flute, Bernard Zinghera, harp     (25 Nov.1947)  
4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Boston Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Serge Koussevitzky 
RCA  LVM2 7510  (2LP 1974)  UK pressings/matrices: A-2E/B-3E/C-3E   Prokofiev/Shostakovich 1945-7   Sleeve-note EMG review >>> 


Lambert. Rio Grande - Francaix. Piano Concerto - Hahn. Piano Concerto 1 - Milhaud. Scaramouche - 1930/1937-8

Constant Lambert:  "The Rio Grande"      (11 Jan.1930)       FLAC  Mega Download
Sir Hamilton Harty, piano  - The Hallé Orchestra  conducted by  Constant Lambert
Jean Francaix:  Piano Concerto in D major      (Dec.1937)   
I: Allegro  ~  II: Andante  ~  III: Scherzo  ~  IV: Finale
Jean Francaix, piano  - Paris Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Nadia Boulanger
Reynaldo HahnPiano Concerto no.1 in E minor      (10/11 May 1937)   
I: Improvisation  ~  II: Danse  ~  III: Reverie, Toccata & Fugue
Magda Tagliaferro, piano  - Orchestra  conducted by  Reynaldo Hahn
Darius Milhaud:  "Scaramouche"   -Vif ~ Modere ~ Braziliera      (Dec.1938)   
Marcelle Meyer, Darius Milhaud, pianos                  3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
EMI World Records  SH 227   1975 LP/matrices: 2XEA5247/8 -1 / -2.  Transfers by Anthony Griffith. This "Rio Grande" transfer also in  LAMBERT conducts  (a less-good 1988 dubbing).
Sleeve-note >>>  


Leon Goossens plays... Concertos by: J.S.Bach - Richard Strauss - Vaughan Williams - EMI 1947-1952

Richard Strauss:  Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Andante  ~  III: Vivace
Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Concerto for Oboe and Strings   
I: Rondo Pastorale -Allegro moderato  II: Minuet & Musette -Allegro moderato  ~  III: Finale (Scherzo) -Presto
Johann Sebastian Bach - arr Tovey:  Oboe d'amore Concerto in A major   (continuo: Thornton Lofthouse)   
I: Allegro  ~  II: Larghetto  ~  III: Allegro ma non troppo
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download   
Léon Goossens, oboe / oboe d'amore  - Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Alceo Galliera  and  Walter Susskind   
EMI World Records  SH 243  1978 LP.  Matrices: W9881 -2  /  W9882 -2.  Recorded: 1947, 1952, 1949+1952.
The tape-recordings are rather 'fuzzy'n'seedy'..  Sleeve-note / EMG reviews >>>   


Sir Edward Elgar conducts... Elgar. Violin Concerto (Yehudi Menuhin) -&- In the South - HMV 1930/1932

Sir Edward Elgar:  "In the South" (Alassio) - Overture, op.50 
FLAC  Mega Download
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Edward Elgar  
HMV  RLS 713  (6LP: 1976)  Matrix: 2XEA5118 -1  Transfer: Anthony Griffith.  Recorded: 15/18 September 1930 - Kingsway Hall

Sir Edward Elgar:  Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in B minor, op.61
I: Allegro ~ II: Andante ~ III: Allegro molto - Cadenza - Allegro molto
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Yehudi Menuhin, violin - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Edward Elgar  
HMV  ALP 1456  First Edition 1957 LP (1G/1G stampers)  - Matrices: 2XEA1037 -1N / 2XEA1038 -2N.  Recorded: 14/15 July 1932 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road.   Some treble EQ added to the Concerto.     ALP 1456 sleeve-note / EMG review / recording data / Original 78 album & analytical notes by Walter Legge >>>   


Peter Pears sings... Britten. Serenade -&- Vaughan Williams. On Wenlock Edge - Decca 1944/1945

Benjamin Britten:  Serenade, op.31 - for Tenor, Horn & Strings
Peter Pears, Tenor - Dennis Brain, horn  - Boyd Neel String Orchestra  conducted by  Benjamin Britten    

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  "On Wenlock Edge"
Peter Pears, Tenor - Benjamin Britten, piano - Zorian String Quartet   
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Decca  ECM 814   1982 Phonogram UK pressing. Matrices: ARL14309 -2G / ARL14308 -1A  (slightly superior to the 1979 '1A' LP - & superior to the 1986 LP: 417 183-1).   Recorded: 25 May/8 October 1944 -&- 2/3 July 1945 - West Hampstead Studios.  Very considerable waveform repair.....      
Sleeve-note song texts / the original 1945 "Serenade" 78's >>>         Pears/Britten - HMV 1942-1950 >>>


Eva Turner sings... Verdi, Ponchielli, Mascagni, Puccini, & Songs - Columbia 1926-1933

Verdi:  "Aida", Act 2, sc.2 - Ritorna vincitor!    /    Act 3 - Qui Radamis verra! ... O Patria Mia
Verdi:  "Il Trovatore", Act 4 - D'amor sull'ali rosee
Mascagni:  "Cavalleria Rusticana" - Voi lo sapete
Puccini:  "La Tosca", Act 2 - Vissi d'arte
Puccini:  "Turandot", Act 2, sc.2 - In questa reggia
Verdi:  "Aida" Act 2 - Gloria all'Egitto 
Ponchielli:  "La Gioconda", Act 3 - Gia ti veggio    /   Act 4 - Suicidio!
Grieg:  I love thee    /     Tosti:  Goodbye    /    Landon Ronald:  O lovely night
Puccini:  "Madama Butterfly", Act 2 - One fine day 
Eva Turner, Soprano  - Orchestra  conducted by  Stanford Robinson / Sir Thomas Beecham 
Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra of La Scala Milan, Orchestra, piano
12 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Columbia  COLC 114  (original 1960 LP)  /  HMV  HQM 1209  (1970)  /  HMV  HLM 7033  (1973) 
COLC114 is superior to the same (6) 1958 French transfers in HQM1209: added slight treble EQ to the latter.    
File folder includes COLC114 booklet.  HQM cover sleeve-notes libretti EMG reviews data >>>                                              


Sir Thomas Beecham conducts... Handel. Messiah (highlights) - Columbia 1927

G.F.Handel:  "Messiah" - 1 hour highlights.
Part One:  Comfort ye ... Ev'ry valley   /   Thus saith the Lord ... But who may abide   /   For unto us a Child is born   /   Then shall the eyes ... He shall feed His flock.
Part Two:  He was despised   /   The rebuke ... Behold and see ... He was cut off ... But thou didst not leave   /   How beautiful are the feet   /   Why do the nations ... Let us break their bonds   /   Hallelujah Chorus
Part Three:  I know that my Redeemer liveth   /   Behold! ... The trumpet shall sound
Dora Labette, Muriel Brunskill, Hubert Eisdell, Harold Williams - BBC Chorus & Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Thomas Beecham 
Part One: Then shall the eyes ... He shall feed His flock  
Clara Butt  with  Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Landon Ronald    (03176, matrix 4084f. Recorded 1910)  - wonderful!
4 files zip FLAC   Mega Download          
HMV  HLM 7053  (1977)  +  HLM 7145  Transfers by Bryan Crimp   Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>


Arturo Toscanini / BBC Symphony Orchestra - Elgar. Enigma Variations / Debussy. La Mer - HMV 1935

Sir Edward Elgar:  Variations on an original theme, op.36   ("Enigma")

Claude Debussy:   "La Mer"

2 files zip FLAC    Mega Download

BBC Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Arturo Toscanini

HMV  EH 29 1345  1987 DMM   Recorded: Queen's Hall - 3/12 June 1935.  Transfers by Keith Hardwick.  Numerous small defects 'edited-away'...
One of my last un-transferred EMI Orchestral 'Historical' single LP's  - others in that series are @ held-to-ransom 'Buy It Now' prices on eBay - and I won't purchase more simply for these, currently free, Blogs (and waveform-editing this took nearly 3 HOURS  - from a flawless pressing).   
Previously this had sounded over-garish (Digital?) - but have used an 'as new' 1977 ADC XLM Mk.II cartridge - with excellent (IMO) results.       
Sleeve-note / ADC review >>>


Efrem Kurtz / New York Philharmonic - Shostakovich. Symphony 9 - CBS 1947

Dmitri Shostakovich
Symphony no.9, op.70   
I: Allegro  ~  II: Moderato  ~  III: Presto  ~  IV: Largo  ~  V: Allegretto - Allegro
FLAC Mega Download           
Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New York  conducted by  Efrem Kurtz  
Philips  ABL 3117  1956 UK LP/Dutch matrix: AA01248 1L=1    Recorded: 8 April 1947
Far more detailed/dynamic - with a much greater frequency-range (<19kHz) than another recent 'smoothed' CBS LP dub on 'Symphonyshare'..... 
Koussevitzky-Boston 1946/7 recording >>>         Sleeve-note / EMG review >>> 


Feodor Chaliapin - 50th Anniversary Album - 64 sides - Gramophone/HMV 1902-1936

Glinka:  "A Life for the Tsar" / "Ruslan & Ludmilla"   Side One/Bands 1-2-4    Side One/Band 3
Dargomijsky:  "Rusalka"   Side One/Bands 5-6    Rubinstein:  "The Demon"  Side One/Bands 7-8  
Mussorgsky:  "Boris Gudonov"  Side Two/Band 1    Side Two/Bands 2-5    Side Two/Bands 3-4     Side Three/Band 1
Borodin:  "Prince Igor"   Side Three/Bands 2-3-4    Rimsky-Korsakov:  "Sadko"  Side Three/Band 5
10 files zip FLAC  Mega Download

Rossini / Bellini    Side Four/Bands 1-2-3     Meyerbeer / Donizetti / Verdi    Side Four/Bands 4-5-6    
Verdi / Boito    Side Four/Bands 7-8
Gounod / Delibes    Side Five/Bands 1-2-4-5     Gounod / Flegier / Massenet    Side Five/Bands 3-6-7    
Marseillaise / Glazunov    Side Five/Band 8 + Side Seven/Band 3
Beethoven / Mussorgsky    Side Six/Bands 1-6     Schubert / Koenemann / Sokolov    Side Six/Band 2 + Side Seven/Bands 4-5
Tchaikovsky / Glinka    Side Six/Band 3 + Side Seven/Band 1-2      Glinka / Rubinstein    Side Six/Bands 4-8    
Mussorgsky / Rubinstein / Stenka Razin    Side Six/Bands 5-7 + Side Seven/Band 9
Unaccompanied Folksongs    Side Seven/Bands 6-8 + Side Eight/Band 1    Brigands / Red Sun / Nevstruev    Side Seven/Band 7 + Side Eight/Bands 2-3     Wedel / Strokin / Gretchaninov / Archangelsky    Side Eight/Bands 5-6-7-8
Telephone Sketch    Side Eight/Band 9
15 files zip FLAC  Mega Download  
HMV  EX 7 61065 1  (1988: 4LP's DMM - bought 1989)   Transfers by Keith Hardwick  (much editing required......)     Full details are in the album notes, below >>>


Victor de Sabata / London Philharmonic - Beethoven. Symphony 3 / Berlioz / Sibelius / Wagner - Decca 1946

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Symphony no.3 in E flat major, op.55  "Eroica"
I: Allegro con brio ~ II: Marcia Funebre, adagio assai ~ III: Scherzo -Allegro vivace ~ IV: Allegro molto  
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Hector Berlioz:  "Le Carnaval Romain" - overture   
Jean Sibelius:  "En Saga", op.9    /    "Kuolema", op.44 - Valse Triste 
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Richard Wagner:  "Die Walkure" - Ride of the Valkyries 
FLAC   Mega Download
London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Victor de Sabata    
Decca  6BB 236/7   Issued 1976   Recorded: 2+3/30/23+24/30 May 1946 - Walthamstow Town Hall  
A plethora of retained surface clicks necessitated very light de-click (@1.3) except for the better transferred/livelier Wagner.  These are not really to 'EMI standard', nor Decca's 1950's dubbings of Beethoven 5/6 (Schuricht/Kleiber) due to rather heavy filtering; so a slight treble increase didn't improve matters too much...      EMG reviews, 1947/8 >>>


Yehudi Menuhin plays... J.S.Bach, Mozart, Wieniawski, Paganini, Chausson, Mendelssohn, Bruch - HMV 1931-1938

J.S.Bach: Violin Concerto no.1 in A minor, BWV.1041      I: Allegro (non tanto) ~ II: Andante ~ III: Allegro assai    
J.S.Bach: Double Concerto, BWV.1043   (with Georges Enescu, violin) **      I: Vivace ~ II: Largo ma non tanto ~ III: Allegro   
W.A.Mozart: Violin Concerto no.3 in G major, K.216     I: Allegro ~ II: Adagio ~ III: Rondo (Allegro)   Cadenzas: Franko   
Paris Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Georges Enescu  &  Pierre Monteux **  
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download

Wieniawski: Legende, op.17      Colonne Concerts Orchestra  conducted by  Georges Enescu
Paganini: Violin concerto no.1 in D major, op.6      I: Allegro maestoso  (Cadenza: Saueret) ~ II: Adagio espressivo - Rondo (Allegro spiritoso)    
Chausson: Poeme, op.25 **      Paris Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Pierre Monteux  &  Georges Enescu ** 
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E minor, op.84     I: Allegro molto appasionato ~ II: Andante ~ III: Allegretto non troppo - Allegro molto vivace    C. Colonne cond. Georges Enescu
Bruch: Violin Concerto no.1 in G minor, op.26     I: Allegro moderato ~ II: Adagio ~ III: Finale (Allegro energico)     London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Landon Ronald  
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
HMV  RLS 718  (3LP set: 1976)   Transfers by Anthony Griffith    (mucho editing by me...yet again)    Recording data / notes >>>   


Busch Quartet play... Brahms. Piano Quartet op.26 -&- Piano Quintet op.34 (Rudolf Serkin), Clarinet Quintet (Reginald Kell), Horn Trio (Aubrey Brain), String Quartet op.51/1 - HMV 1932-1938

Johannes Brahms:
Piano Quartet in A major, op.26    (edited from the LH groove-wall, only)  
I: Allegro non troppo ~ II: Poco adagio ~ III: Scherzo (Poco Allegro) ~ IV: Finale: Allegro
FLAC  Mega Download
Piano Quintet in F minor, op.34     
I: Allegro non troppo ~ II: Andante, un poco adagio ~ III: Scherzo (Allegro) ~ IV: Finale: Poco sostenuto - Allegro non troppo
FLAC  Mega Download
Horn Trio in E flat major, op.40   
I: Andante ~ II: Allegro ~ III: Adagio mesto ~ IV: Finale: Allegro con brio
FLAC  Mega Download 
String Quartet in C minor, op.51/1     
I: Allegro ~ II: Romanze: Poco adagio ~ III: Allegretto molto moderato e comodo ~ IV: Allegro
FLAC  Mega Download
Clarinet Quintet in B minor, op.115    
I: Allegro ~ II: Adagio ~ III: Andantino - Presto non assai, ma con sentimento ~ IV: Con moto
FLAC  Mega Download                                           Busch/Serkin - Brahms Violin Sonatas 1 & 2 (sides 13+14) >>>
Rudolf Serkin, piano - Aubrey Brain, horn - Reginald Kell, clarinet  - The Busch Quartet  (Adolf Busch, Gosta Andreasson, Karl Doktor, Hermann Busch)  
EMI World Records  SHB 61 (sides 2-10).  78 Transfers by Keith Hardwick.   SHB 61 notes + recording data / HMV 78 albums: op.26 & op.51/1 analytical notes >>> 


Busch Quartet play... Brahms. String Quartet op.67, Piano Quartet op.25 (Rudolf Serkin) - Columbia 1949

Johannes Brahms:
Piano Quartet in G minor, op.25   
I: Allegro ~ II: Andante ~ III: Agitato (Allegretto non troppo) ~ IV: Poco Allegretto con Variazioni
FLAC  Mega Download

String Quartet in B flat major, op.67
I: Allegro ~ II: Intermezzo (Allegro ma non troppo) ~ III: Andante con moto - Animato ~ IV: Rondo alla zingarese (Presto)
FLAC  Mega Download

Rudolf Serkin, piano  - The Busch Quartet (Adolf Busch, Bruno Straumann, Hugo Gottesmann, Hermann Busch)
EMI World Records  SHB 61  (1980: 7LP - sides 1/2/11/12)   Transfers by Keith Hardwick.  Recording data in above post.   EMG reviews >>>    


Busch Quartet play... Schubert, String Quartets D.112, D.810, D.887 & Piano Trio D.929 (Rudolf Serkin) - HMV 1935-1938

Franz Schubert:
String Quartet in B flat major, D.112     
I: Allegro non troppo ~ II: Andante sostenuto ~ III: Menuetto (Allegretto) ~ IV: Presto
FLAC  Mega Download
String Quartet in D minor, D.810  "Death and the Maiden"   
I: Allegro ~ II: Andante con moto ~ III: Scherzo (Allegro molto) & Trio ~ IV: Presto
FLAC  Mega Download
String Quartet in G major, D.887   
I: Allegro molto moderato ~ II: Andante un poco moto ~ III: Scherzo (Allegro vivace) & Trio (Allegretto) ~ IV: Allegro assai
FLAC  Mega Download
Piano Trio in E flat major, D.929   
I: Allegro ~ II: Andante con moto ~ III: Scherzo (Allegro molto) & Trio ~ IV: Allegro moderato
FLAC  Mega Download     
Rudolf Serkin, piano   -  The Busch Quartet    (Adolf Busch,  Gosta Andreasson,  Karl Doktor,  Hermann Busch)            
Busch/Serkin - Schubert "Fantasia" D.934 >>>      The Busch Quartet - Beethoven. The Late String Quartets, etc >>>
EMI World Records  SHB 53 (3LP set: 1978)  Transfers by Anthony Griffith . Rec: 25 Nov.1938 / 16 Oct.1936/ 22+30 Nov.1938 /23 Oct.1935.  Box cover/notes & recording data >>>  


Sir Thomas Beecham / RPO - Delius. Piano Concerto ~ Violin Concerto ~ Songs of Sunset ~ Song of the High Hills ~ Brigg Fair, etc - HMV 1946

Frederick Delius:
Violin Concerto     (Jean Pougnet, violin)  
Piano Concerto     (Betty Humby-Beecham, piano)  
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download

Songs of Sunset     (Nancy Evans, Mezzo-Soprano  ~  Redvers Llewellyn, Baritone  ~  BBC Chorus)
Song of the High Hills    (Freda Hart, Soprano  ~  Leslie Jones, Tenor  ~  Luton Choral Society)
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download

Paa Vidderne  (On the Mountains)   orch: Robert Sandheimer     /      Dance Rhapsody, no.2
Marche Caprice     /     "Brigg Fair" - An English Rhapsody     /      "Irmelin" - Prelude.  orch: Beecham
5 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Thomas Beecham  
EMI World Records  SHB 54  (1979: 6LP set; previously unplayed)  78 transfers by Anthony Griffith  
EMI Studio 1: 31 Oct+1 Nov..4+16 Dec.1946 / 30 Nov..22 Nov.1946 / 26 Nov..3 Oct..19 Dec..26 Nov..21 Dec.1946
Brigg Fair/Marche Caprice are noisy shellac. Minimally edited those; & trying De-Click killed the clarity (Surprise!)...  
Different turntable set-up used.    Sammons - Moiseiwitsch versions of the Concerto's are below..    Richard Warren's 1979 ARSC review       SHB54 Text / Discography >>>


Arturo Toscanini / NBC SO - American in Paris ~ L'Arlesienne ~ Suppe, Waldteufel, Sousa - NBC/RCA 1943/45

Georges Bizet:  "L'Arlesienne"  - Suites 1 / 2  (excerpts)
I: Prelude ~ Minuetto ~ Adagietto   /   II: Pastorale ~ Carillon     (Studio 8-H  - 19 September 1943)
Franz Suppe:  "Poet & Peasant"     (Studio 8-H  - 18 July 1943)  
Emil Waldteufel:  Skater's Waltz, op.183     (Carnegie Hall  - 28 June 1945)            3 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
George Gershwin:  "An American in Paris"  
John Philip Sousa:  "El Capitan"  -  "The Stars and Stripes Forever"      (Studio 8-H  - 18 May 1945)  
John Stafford Smith:  "The Star-Spangled Banner"      (Carnegie Hall  - 19 March 1942)         4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The NBC Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Arturo Toscanini     
Franklin Mint  TOS3  (1983 USA 5 LP's)  sides 4/7/10     label +mr pristine 'studio' piccie >>>
The Bizet extends to c.10kHz (piccolo to c.13kHz...); the former being the limits of Rose's claimed 'best transfer':  http://conta.cc/1AXFuC5