Elena Gerhardt sings... Schubert ~ Schumann ~ Brahms ~ Wolf - HMV 1926-1939

Hugo Wolf:    (HMV Hugo Wolf Society - volume one)
Side One: (a)  Begegnung / Lied vom Winde / Auf einer Wanderung / Rat einer Alten / In dem Schatten meiner Locken
Side One: (b)  Heimweh / Die ihr schwebet um diese Palmen / Ach, des Knaben Augen / Nun wand're Maria  / Gesang Weylas
Side Two: (a)  Herr, was traght der Boden hier / Auch kleine Dinge / Das verlassene Magdelein / Das Standchen
Side Two: (b)  Wenn du zu den Blumen gehst / Und steht ihr fruh / Ihr jungen Leute - Du denkst eniem Fadchen / Nein, junger Herr
Franz Schubert:  Suleika II / Ellens Gesang II**   
Robert Schumann:  Zum Schluss - Fruhlingsnacht / Wer machte dich krank - Alte Laute   
Johannes Brahms:  (a)  Vor dem Fenster* / Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer / Feinsliebchen - Erlaube mir / Wie komm ich denn - Mein Madel hat einem Rosenmund    (b) ** Der Gang zum Liebchen - Therese / Der Tod, das ist die kuhle Nacht
8 files zip FLAC (includes full recording-notes/song-texts in 300dpi jpg)  Mega Download
Elena Gerhardt, Mezzo-Soprano - accompanied by:  Conrad Valentyn Bos  - except *Paula Hegner / Gerald Moore**  
HMV  RLS 759 (Wolf -7LP) - RLS 766 (Schubert -8LP) - RLS 1547003 (Schumann/Brahms -8LP)   Transfers by Keith Hardwick (much waveform repair/editing by me, as usual..)  
1907+1911 Gerhardt + Arthur Nikisch recordings >>>   "The Times" Hugo Wolf Society 1932 + 1928 Schubert  reviews >>>  


  1. I'm so very happy and surprised to see these here. Of course you "must" upload the additional Schubert items you have. Just last week (naturally right after my receiver died), I received in the mail - via ebay - two boxes: the Schumann/Brahms Lieder on Record and, after years of searching, the Japanese Toshiba/EMI Budapest Quartet historical recordings I once mentioned to you. I sit, look at the boxes, and moan while my receiver is at the gerontological repair shop. I might have to buy something new or a "reconditioned" antiquity. In any event, you have not received enough thanks from me for all of your transfers. I was especially pleased with your Mengelberg NY Philharmonic "Ein Heldenleben". You mentioned, in that posting, that you thought a 1940's Beecham recording of that work was superior. I've never heard it; if you're open to suggestions, it would be interesting to hear it. In any event, even though your deletion of the other site is understandable, it is much regretted by me - and probably by many others who haven't yet taken the time to communicate their thoughts. Please keep feeding us! Sometimes I have the seditious thought that they made more music in those days! (Is that called: "playing better"?).
    With my best regards from over here,
    David Mendes

    1. Hello David: 'needs must' unless I can scrounge another Mega account - but would prefer to re-do some (most) of those 78 files in any event.
      The transfers are now pretty huge: both my 160GB backups are close to full with all 'the spares'.

      I've maybe 4 new Gerhardt/Schubert (actually unplayed - as with several dozen acoustical reprints on the DB label, pre-1925) - though one Gerhardt side has a 'large flake': so would need to see if CHARM has that - then do a 'Mr Pristine'!!

      These files are anyway absolutely 'tops' for quality in most of the dubbings...some are very 'in the room' in terms of vividness - and she sings superbly-well
      Only fairly recently got the Brahms/Schumann box off eBay + a replacement for my 1982-bought Schubert - the postage was more!

      Will keep in mind the Beecham; I know he's popular - but that means it's material still available on CD - though not sure about the RCA Ariadne/Elektra LP (bought that in 1979)..

  2. You certainly beat Naxos reissues - by one or another of your detested rivals? However, I think it's mean to tease your public. I'm referring to the Bruckner which looked intriguing partly because so early. It was there, and then it - vanished!