Elena Gerhardt -&- Arthur Nikisch. German Lieder & Songs - G&T 1907 & HMV 1911

Berlin 1907....  
WOLF: Verborgenheit  /  Der Freund  /  BRAHMS: Der Schmied  / Nachtigall  
BUNGERT: Ich hab ein kleines Lied erdacht  /  R.STRAUSS: Wie sollten wir geheim sie halten - RUBINSTEIN: Neue Liebe  /  
WOLF: Heimweih  / Und willst du deinen Liebsten sterben sehen?

London 1911...  
R.STRAUSS: Standchen / Wiegenlied  /  SCHUBERT: An die Musik  /  Wohin?  /  Du bist die Ruh
BRAHMS: Sapphische Ode  /  Wiegenlied  /  Verbebliches Standchen  /  SCHUMANN: Ich grolle nicht  /  Mondnacht  
WAGNER: Schmerzen  /  BRAHMS: O liebliche Wangen                                                
5 files zip FLAC  Mega Download  
Elena Gerhardt,  Mezzo-Soprano  - accompanied by  Arthur Nikisch, pianoforte            
HMV  HLM 1436031    Issued/bought: 1983.   78 Transfers by Keith Hardwick  (easily 1000 edits/waveform repairs by me..).

Tracks transferred/re-arranged in approx recording-order (as above..).   Sleeve-note (with recording-details) + song-texts >>>   
see also... 1926-1939 recordings (includes Wolf lieder): http://musicparlourhistorical.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/elena-gerhardt-sings-schubert-schumann.html  


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for this marvelous post! But unfortunately the last link (Wagner and Brahms) is not available. Would you please re-upload it?
    Thanks again!

  2. Oh..that's funny: seems I deleted the file (uploaded previously, with Schmerzen) thinking I may re-edit it - but, after the huge effort on the subsequent files, decided not to bother (as they were inherently 'noisier', in places): saw the Schmerzen still available..so the file got overlooked.

    So here it is...after 70 'sets' downloaded (didn't think there would be much interest, TBH...)

  3. This is of great historic interest also. Thank you!

  4. Many thanks! I'm new at downloading and can't figure out how to get a copy of the liner notes enlarged enough so my 73 year old eyes can read it,

    1. oops.... thanks for alerting me - as had not noticed the fault (which, now, sometimes happens upon re-editing posts) - and have also re-introduced the 3 scans of song-texts...so the sleeve-note should download to an approx 1250x1250 image (though now make most sleeve-notes 1500pixels wide)

      Maybe I should have uploaded the later Hugo Wolf Vol.1 + some Schubert sung by her?

  5. Sorry to be a pain in the behind, but I still can't get the trck listing &c large enough to read. I think pdf would
    work; never had aproblem before with it> Thanks again!

    1. I've replaced the 1250 pixel-wide sleeve-note with a new scan @ 1500pixels (click twice on the image to fully-enlarge...) - and which is wider than the 15.4" laptop screen.
      If you wish to print these then 'Paint' should allow up to a 50% increase in size whilst still retaining decent clarity; however these are not really designed for that purpose.

      PDF's I would need to add to the uploaded file - as single images - but have only recently provided zipped files..and as nobody-else has otherwise commented then have continued 'my normal practice'...

  6. I downloaded the recordings of Gerhardt because I just read her memoirs (newly edited in German). Your transfers are fine, but still make a lot of work to get them in a listenable form (change from FLAC mono multitrack to MP3 stereo one by one and name them to make them suitable for my IPod). For me it would be a great help if you would also publish your recordings as MP3s... But, alas, the main reason why I write: tracks 9 and 11 from side 2 of the LP are missing (Heimweh/Der Freund by Wolf). Do you still have them? Thank you!

  7. PS. Also missing: Der Schmied (Brahms) Tr. 7 side 1

  8. As stated: the files have been re-arranged from the order on the LP - so as to follow the recording-date/s...

    I've checked: and can see the first file "GerhardtNikischWolfBrahmsBerlin1907" has 4 tracks - so WTF are the songs there; as you state 2 are missing...as these are 'all different' (I don't have the time tonight to listen to every song, thanks)

    Likewise: "GerhardtNikischBungertStraussRubensteinWolfBerlin1907"..has 5 tracks (short gap between 2/3) - so what songs are there..??

    I have absolutely No intention of providing inferior mp3's...and Keith Hardwick is dead - so you can't complain to him.

  9. PPS. Also missing Nachtigall, which means that the first file is missing. There are 5 files in the downloaded folder, what you also state above, but following your listing above it should be six. Can you correct this?

  10. I have assorted the files in the original order as they appeared on the LP and so I did not notice that one complete file is missing. You say that there are five files in the folder, which is correct. But your listing above shows that it should be six (three for 1907 and three for 1911). The first listed file from Berlin 1907 is missing.

    1. There are 21 tracks (20 listed on the LP + a/b for one = 21) in 5 files (there are only TWO listed files for 1907; the "/" shows the continuation after the Rubinstein......)

      ''The first listed file from Berlin 1907 is missing' ; which it isn't - as it is there - with FOUR TRACKS - and checked it last night with the FOUR TRACKS...and
      I have just now listened to >>all those 4 songs<< that are included in that file: 'GerhardtNikischWolfBrahms1907' - WOLF: Verborgenheit / Der Freund / BRAHMS: Der Schmied / Nachtigall - Berlin 1907.....but according to you they are missing......

      (BTW: I downloaded the correctly-stated 5 file zip folder - to check..)

    2. Sorry for my bothering - I found it now, when I downloaded the folder again. Must have been me myself who deleted the folder or so - I don't know. I am happy that I have got everything now, and hope that you are now not angry with me! Happy new year anyway!

    3. 'Moderately annoyed' at the time (late at night); as it was transferred that way >direct from the LP< (including many side-changes..) so it was possible to have made 'an error' - but not That many..and was done because (to me) it made more sense than the recordings jumbled-up in composer-order.

      Happy New Year to you: I had intended, before the years-end, to have uploaded Pinza's 1940 'Italian Songs' (RCA Camden 1959) LP - which is in excellent sound; but was fed-up with the minimal responses..


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