16 Feb 2012

Beethoven. Violoncello Sonatas - Pierre Fournier -&- Artur Schnabel - HMV 1947/8

Sonata no.1 in F major, op.5/1    Adagio sostenuto  ~  Allegro  ~  Allegro vivace    
Sonata no.2 in G minor, op.5/2   Adagio sostenuto ed espressivo  ~  Allegro molto piu tosto presto  ~  Rondo (Allegro)    
Sonata no.3 in A major, op.69    Allegro ma non tanto  ~  Scherzo (Allegro molto)  ~  Adagio cantabile  ~  Allegro vivace    
Sonata no.4 in C major, op.102/1   Andante  ~  Allegro vivace  ~  Adagio  ~  Tempo d'Andante  ~  Allegro vivace    
Sonata no.5 in D major, op.102/2   Allegro con brio  ~  Adagio con molto sentimento d'affeto  ~  Allegro  ~  Allegro fugato  
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EMI  Electrola  'Dacapo'  1C 147-01 382/83 M   circa 1978 German matrices/pressings.  
Recorded: 1: 23 June 1948  ~  2: 24 June 1948  ~  3: 6/7 June 1947  (HMV DB.6464-6)  ~  4: 10/12 June 1947  (HMV DB.9555-6)   ~
5: 21/22 June 1948  (HMV DB.6829-31)   Original 1947/1950 EMG Monthly Letter reviews >>>


  1. Thank you for these wonderful transfers. I bought this album on US Seraphim LPs when it was first issued in the 1970's, and these are still my favorite recordings of these sonatas. Downloading from SendSpace was very fast for me - no trouble at all. I really appreciate your great transfers of all the recordings you post here & hope you will continue bringing so much joy to my life.

    1. Boy: were some Sonatas 'A Slog' to edit: lovely German pressings, needless to say.

      Unfortunately I've only Volumes 1, 2, 4 of the circa 1980 HMV Schnabel Beethoven Sonatas - otherwise I'd make that a 'long-term project': the complete shellac sets (of Alan Bush) would bring no pleasure to anyone if I transferred that!

      Got quite engrossed in these performances (not littered with the 'duff-notes' that I 'expected' Schnabel to make).

      I get quite slow download speeds (typically under '100') from Sendspace - hence my 'warning': but MediaFire has failed every attempted upload for some 4 days now... so 'Hobson's Choice'..

  2. I want to add my thanks for these recordings - they are wonderful. I have downloaded from you in the past without saying thank you and feel guilty about that. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I listen to your transfers regularly. I also had no problem with SendSpace. Many, many thanks. Steve, Stoke Newington, London

    1. Hello Steve.
      Thank you for the comment.
      I 'do my best' when editing these - then get rather annoyed when later realizing the occasional 'little tick' still remains (I frequently use my files as 'background music' whilst browsing...!!!)...though editing 'in one go' can be distinctly stressful..

      'Historical' LP's are a bit of a nuisance, as most 'usable' transfers seem to start from the early '70's (earlier EMI 'COLH/COLC' can compare poorly to later issues) &, somewhat inevitably, are (or have been) on CD..so given the time it takes (more than for most LP's as I remove substantial quantities of small defects/bad edits) it somewhat limits the likely uploads: though the Schnabel/LPO/Szell Brahms PC.1 (World Records) is one I'd considered transferring after Solomon's #2..also the Busch Quartets Beethoven really should be hereabouts (mid 80's EMI box + the CBS Classics LP)..

  3. And another thank you from me! I didn't know these recordings but they have jumped straight to the top of my list. The opening of no.1; the fierce pizzicati near the beginning of Op.69, and the very different ones at the end of the 2nd movt; and (as you say) Schnabel playing all the right notes contrary perhaps to expectation! Yes, Jacqui du Pre's are wonderful, and yes, Rostropovich's are thoughtful & rounded, but these - well, these refused to be background music, even though I started with that thought; had to abandon it after a few seconds of no.1 and just pay attention to this duo!

    Whether it's the recording or the transfers (I suspect a good helping of the latter) these just leap off the (virtual) turntable; I'm 3/5 of the way through the set & can't decide whether to go back to the beginning & enjoy the first 3 again, or continue to the end first. Thank you for a wonderful day's listening - and plenty more days of re-listening to come!

    1. I'm shortly going to listen-to (& possibly upload) the 1930's set of Schnabel playing Beethoven's 5 Piano Concerti (conducted by Sargent - on World Records - 1980)...so hopefully they are of a similar 'standard' as these recordings.

  4. Hello,

    I just found this Blog and it's great! Keep up the good work!

  5. Another thanks! These performances are awesome!

    1. Having now listened to some of these sonatas 'uninterruptedly' I would quite agree!!

      Schnabel's 1930's Beethoven concerti seem 'not available' - and the first LP side of #1 (1932) was really fine - with remarkably good sound and a quiet background: but would need to upload these singly due to time constraints.