8 Dec 2010

Adrian Boult conducts... Vaughan Williams. Symphony 6 ~ Flos campi ~ Concerto accademico, etc. EMI 1946-1953

Symphony no.6 in E Minor    Recorded: 23/24 February 1949 & 15 February 1950. First issue: HMV C.3873-6
Symphony no.6  (original  Scherzo)   Recorded: 24 February 1949. First issue: HMV C.3875 (in original issue pressings..)
London Symphony Orchestra                                           

Song of Thanksgiving.   Betty Dolemore, Soprano - Robert Speaight, Speaker - Harry Gabb, organ - Luton Choral Society, &  Luton Girls Choir - London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Recorded: 18 December 1951.  First issue: Parlophone SW 8138/9

The Lark Ascending   - Jean Pougnet, violin - London Philharmonic Orchestra
Rec: 21 October 1953.  First issue: Parlophone PMB 1003
HMV  ED 29 0258   Reissued 1985.  Matrices: -2 /-2    

Concerto accademico  - Yehudi Menuhin, violin - London Philharmonic Orchestra   Rec: 18 Feb.1952.

Flos campi  (Suite for viola, chorus & Orchestra)    William Primrose, viola - BBC Chorus - The Philharmonia Orchestra.  
Recorded: 11/12 June 1946.  First issue: HMV DB.6353-5                                                              6 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
HMV  EH 29 1276    Reissued 1987.       Conducted by  Sir Adrian Boult                                        
ED/EH Recording Details / Sleeve-notes / PMB 1003 sleeve/note  + EMG reviews (Sym.6 / Flos campi) from 1949/1947 >>>


  1. Thought Pougnet's Lark Ascending truly superb,every bit as good as his recording of the Delius concerto,a record I treasure.

  2. My 78 set of the Delius VC has 'been in the wars' !! I'll see if I can add some useful review-material from 'EMG' for these items: also have an additional/later sleeve for PMB 1003

  3. The HMV Treasury series of English music uploaded by you has been a revelation.After hearing their excellence, have been seeking out my own copies,but they are hard to come by!
    The only Treasury issue I have got hold of is 2 LP set of Nielsen symphonies with Tuxen and Jenson, again sound as fresh as new paint.

  4. These likely had limited sales (& some subsequent CD issues apparently didn't last long) compared to earlier issues on Treasury/WRC Retrospect.
    As noted: There can be problems with pressing quality & suspect they were 'digital' at some point - as there's definitely a trace of 'sterile glare' (that is pretty accurately maintained in the CD-RW dubs: used a JVC X-1 Beryllium/Shibata throughout) thus appear less 'plausible' than a prior (1970s) transfer, in those instances where I'd been able to compare.

  5. Again thanks are in order for another wonderful
    set in this HMV Treasury series -plenty of fine
    music for these dark winter evenings.
    I'd just like to add that I for one would be sorry to see the plug pulled on this blog.
    I suppose many people hoover up music without being able to differentiate between your quality
    tranfers and the plethora of dull classical cd blogs which by their very nature are so impersonal.


  6. Hello Novak,
    Thanks for your comment/s - which, as always, are much appreciated. This was, in any event, the last of the 1980's HMV Treasury series I intended uploading (the 4LP box of Boult conducting Elgar (LPO) has mainly been transferred onto CD) - and, I think, I'm only missing the Barbirolli RVW no.5.
    I've a pretty substantial amount of LP's dating from before the mid-80's -(not just British Music) - and I might, possibly, upload some (assuming I don't 'pull the plug' - which is so tempting: though this Blog is less aggravating in terms of responses - or lack of!).
    Although I've only hinted - once before - on the main Blog: I would prefer to have additional 'contributors' (ie, those who wouldn't wish to have their own LP/78 blog) - as these are, now, about the most popular blogs 'of their type' on the 'net - so it would be a pity to simply delete them/the files (also accessible through search-engines) after the effort involved.
    Anyway, I've much enjoyed these transfers - despite a few with terrible pressings (Boult Job/Planets) - but my favourite has to be the Constant Lambert performances - and have been asked (though did upload it a few years ago) to transfer, from 78s, his Borodin Symphony 2 - where he gets such passionate playing (and better playing) from the orchestra.

  7. Thanks - I have some of these performances, but it's nice to get them all together - Jerry

  8. I came across this site while searching for Lambert's Borodin 2nd, which I had in the 70s on a set of 78s with one disc cracked and unplayable. From what I could play, it immediately became my favorite performance of the Borodin 2nd.
    I see some fascinating things here I can't wait to download (the Elgar chamber recordings, for example) but would echo the pleas to post the Lambert. I know it was availanble on CD from Dutton in the 1990s but I must have blinked and missed it.

  9. Many thanks for these transfers, and the accompanying Walton-post! Very interesting music...

    (And: Got the new Audio Technica-cartridge a few days ago (plus a couple of LP boxsets from UK..), the difference is (literally) tangible to the old one - your kind advice on that department was/is much appreciated.)

    1. Yes: these are some nice recordings.
      There's also the Vaughan Williams Oboe Concerto (with Goossens) in the World Records SH series but that's 1952 and conducted by Susskind.

      There's some useful advise Igave re: the cartridge (copied by others) some years back: it involves removing the small silver screw and separating the top black plastic bit from the metal body - and using Epoxy Adhesive (sparingly) to re-join the 2 parts (+ re-screwing) - as there is a 'compliance' between the 2 parts which emphasizes disc/surface 'rumble'..

    2. Hmm, i'll have to listen for that in particular and see if i feel bold enough at some point - thanks for telling me... (in truth, i am already eyeing at the screw! - very tempting if little tinkering should show (still!) improvement..)