24/48: Sir Edward Elgar conducts.... RAHO / LSO / BBC SO / LPO - HMV 1926-1933

"Cockaigne" overture  (RAHO -1926)
Three Bavarian Dances  (LSO -1927/1932)
Pomp and Circumstance Marches 1,2  (RAHO -1926)
Pomp and Circumstance Marches 3,4,5  (LSO -1927/1930)
"The Wand of Youth" suites 1 & 2  (LSO -1928)
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"The Crown of Indiasuite  (LSO -1930)
"In the Southoverture  (LSO -1930)
Nursery Suite  (LSO -1931)
Severn Suite  (LSO -1932)
Pomp and Circumstance Marches 1,2,4  (BBC SO -1932)
"Froissart" overture  (LPO -1933)
"Contrasts" (LPO -1933)
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"Land of Hope & Glory" - Pathe Newsreel  (LSO - 12 November 1931)
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HMV  RLS 713 - selections from the 6LP set/1976. Transfers from metal-parts only:- no salon music,etc, or vocal. 

Some matrix crackle on the first few: Wand of Youth no.2 had a disc2disc transfer of side 2. Anthony Griffith transfers.

also...  24/48: Symphonies 1 & 2 + Kingdom Prelude  ...and the 2x 1957 ALP's  Violin Concerto - Menuhin  +  Enigma - Cockaigne - String Serenade   Recording details >>>  


  1. Thanks very much for these....this is really the best way to hear these recordings. Dutton's transfers for EMI are not horrible, but still are pretty smoothed over sounding. Griffith caught things at the best time, before the masters deteriorated, but in the best analog period before the nasty early digital toolbox limitations lowered the bar once again. And your processing preserves the quality superbly!

    1. Thanks, Neal!
      One thing - these haven't been 'Processed' apart from some painstaking click-removal (especially the earlier '20's) as otherwise using computer-software would compromise material that had already been processed to a degree - nor is there any EQ adjustment - just the output from a Decca cartridge - and shows how, ie 'Contrasts' were nicely captured (have new /noisy/ shellacs of that c/w Froissart). Currently still retain all the edited 32bit float WAV's - but the FLAC's are fine.
      In some ways Hardwick shortly afterwards was able to create a livelier end-result - also Crimp eventually desisted from over-use of 'filtering'.