Jascha Horenstein conducts... Bruckner. Symphony 7 - Berlin Philharmonic - Polydor 1928

Anton Bruckner:
Symphony no.7 in E major    
IAllegro moderato  ~  IIAdagio  
IIIScherzo ~ Trio  ~  IVFinale
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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Jascha Horenstein  
Unicorn  UNI 111  1975 PYE pressing/matrices: -1 / -1   Recorded 1928    
Slight de-click (1.4) +4dB Treble/rolled-off @ 10kHz. Mvts 3+4 amplified by 1.2dB..  There's an Obert-Thorn 78 transfer (more heavily noise-reduced/murkier): oddly, the  mp3 mvt.1 sample  hits '0dB' @ c.9.30mins - 2.4dB more than the LP - relative to this transfers 0dB crescendo @ 17.28min.  However, this LP transfer has noticeably retained some 78 surface-noise compared to 'Mr Pristine's'....        Sleeve-note >>>


  1. Thanks! Glad to know I was not the victim of a cruel in-joke among sadistic audio engineers. Because you could post a link to the Bruckner Seventh on Edison Amberols and I'd naively click on it and demand to know where it had gone.

    1. Hope you like it! (not my favourite Bruckner 7)

  2. Der Bruckner Spasse continues. The old "fort! / da!" game?! Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's a life-lesson in substitution - in the form of another version? - but I still can't get it. I can get other of your files (thanks!) but not THIS one - and I've waited and even tried other people's internet. Definitely "fort" - at least to me. If you haven't had many (any?) downloads of this item - well, there is a reason. It's FORT!!!

    1. Have just tried downloading it (sometimes Mega files go 'faulty' - or 'stick' @ 99%).
      It did so - but @ well under the usual (for me) 2.1MB/sec...and the zip folder unpacked without problems.

      If you still can't download this then I'll re-upload it...
      (I have no idea how many downloads - as Mega doesn't show that data - but probably at least 200 (various files are available elsewhere...)

      Mega probably won't be around this time next year - so neither will these blogs if that happens!

      I was uncomplimentary about the sound of this LP (on RMCR) when Mr Pristine offered a 78 transfer to his Adoring Public (not to mention 'Reviewers')!

  3. Sorry to have made myself a pain about this - and thanks to your graphic post, for suggesting a different browser. For some reason, that was the problem. I couldn't see the item using Chrome (which has worked for everything else), but was able to get it - just now - with Firefox. It's getting late here in Hoggtown, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to listen to it. I'm looking forward to it - I enjoy the early electrical recordings of big works. Maybe the difficulty created a sense of occasion, creative tension - and all that, which could also be a projection I suppose. For the record - one of my favorites is the recording of Mahler's 9th conducted by Walter in Vienna in 1938. Probably an obvious choice - but I don't think it gets any better than that. I wonder if you've had a go at it? Thanks again for this Bruckner, your reservations not withstanding!

    1. Unfortunately I don't have the 2x Anthony Griffiths transferred Mahler/Walter World Records sets - I certainly would've uploaded them by now - but it's only because I recently bought from eBay that I've the 2x Sibelius Symphonies + Busch Schubert & Brahms sets on that label - as didn't have 'everything'.

      I do have the HMV Treasury LP (possibly a German transfer) of his Das Lied vd Erde - also a new set of 78's - but the defunct German 33-45-78 blog made an excellent transfer a few years back (also I've quite a lot more Walter 78 albums - mostly Wagner/Brahms/Mozart - but have no further plans to transfer them).

      I wasn't aware of any further Windows browser problems - except Opera doesn't work with Mega.

      The Horenstein here has variable sound/surface-noise - and had a 'washed-out' feel - but my tinkering has brought some more 'life' to the treble - where it more closely matches Mr Pristine's - but with greater internal clarity.


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