13 Jan 2013

Francesco Tamagno - 22 discs - Gramophone 1903-1904

Side One:   1. Otello:  Esultate!  /  2. Otello:  Niun mi tema  /  3. Otello:  Ora e per sempre  /  4. Andrea Chenier:  Un di all'azzurro spazio  / 
                 5. Il Profeta:  Re del cielo  /  6. Il Trovatore:  Di quella pira  /  7. Il Trovatore:  Di quella pira
Side Two:   8. Il Profeta:  Sopra Berta  /  9. Herodiade:  Adieu donc, vains objets  /  10. Sansone e Dalila:  Figli miei  /  
                 11. Guglielmo Tell:  O muto asil  /  12. Guglielmo Tell:  Corriam, corriamo
Side Three:  13. Otello:  Ora e per sempre  /  14. Guglielmo Tell:  Corriam, corriamo  /  15. Herodiade:  Quand nos jours  /  
                 16.  Il Trovatore: Deserto sulla terra  /  17. Otello:  Niun mi tema
Side Four:  18. Andrea Chenier:  Un di all'azzurro spazio  /  19. Otello:  Esultate!  /  20. Otello:  Ora e per sempre  /  21. Otello:  Niun mi tema  / 
                 22. Guglielmo Tell: O muto asil                4 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
Pearl  GEMM 208/9    TT:55"   Issued 1981 - subsequently a Pearl Opal CD (OOP): more titles appeared in a later Symposium 2CD set.   
These 2 LP's contain exceptionally vivid transfers - with large quantities of very noisy shellac bangs/clicks/thumps - now mostly removed (some shellac sides remain quite crackly).   Some of/the most thrilling singing ever captured on disc.  Record details/1904 Gramophone advert/sleeve-note >>>


  1. We all appreciate your great efforts
    but sometimes there are items which don't appeal


    1. There have been well over 500 page-views...and over 100 downloads (quite a few from China...which is 'unusual') - so might as well 'cash-in' on the 'less-appealing' stuff !!

    2. I finally decided to dl the tamagno

      quite amazing

      A revelation


    3. A Voice capable of removing any stubborn Ear-Wax!

  2. I love these Tamagno recordings - I already have so many different transfers of them but must compare these! THat Battistini set is also a wonder: I have it, but not the technical ability or technology to make a decent transfer. Sign me up even if you start charging a commercial price, though! :-)

    1. Bought this over 25 years back (@ a 'sale') but never thought to acquire any more Pearl [Vocal] issues; so only have whatever turned-up later (Tetrazzini -'Finest' 2LP - Melchior acoustics 2LP - Gigli/E.Schumann - and they are technically rather good - though the Melchior is a bit 'dull' - as are most EMI/RCA LP transfers; though the Battistini is excellent+free of horrific noises (which this Tamagno was cursed with).

      But I don't see why I shouldn't get something for doing 'first-class' transfers of some of these 'obscure/OOP' Historic sets - which I'd possibly need to buy '@ eBay prices'; and some, like the 5LP EMI 'Melba' box-set, would need considerable editing (and maybe a bit of 'restoration/tinkering')..so 'charging' say $5, Paypal, for the Battistini would also fund some of those additional purchases (which otherwise I'd, mostly, couldn't care less about..).

      But don't hold your breath: I may just decide to 'clear-off' -and save my internet costs!!

    2. Just say the word & $5 will be on its way :-D

      Personally I don't think it's a mad idea. Though I suspect the set is technically OOP but still in copyright, therefore you'd have some legal people from EMI chasing you if they thought you were profiting from it?! It's a craxy world: they won't reissue it; we can't hear it; but they won't let anyone plug the gap!

      Well, I say that, but I haven't actually entered into any negotiations with record companies about their back catalogues & maybe I'm wrong: perhaps EMI are just waiting with bated breath for someone to offer to clean up the LPs and split the profits - but I suspect not the costs - of re-publishing them (digitally) with EMI?

      It's interesting to see there are plenty of not-very-cleaned LPs available as Amazon downloads for cheap prices; whoever's publishing those has certainly not gone back to matrices, and the sound quality of some suggests they haven't done much cleaning up either, and/or too much NR. I wonder on what basis they are putting up those transfers? Presumably they come off copies of LPs >50yrs old so they reckon like Naxos they can re-publish them on their own terms?

      It's all rather senseless when the distributors don't seem bothered to close down the bloggers who rip their latest mainstream film or CD to give it away free, but will worry about long-OOP minority issues like Battistini...

      I'm always grateful to pick up a treasure from the distant past; and I don't really mind whether I'm buying it from an Oxfam shop as an LP, or getting it off the internet as a CD or free download or paying the same sort of price as Oxfam charge me - though the digital version has the advantage I can listen to it much easier :-) Who knows? In 10 years we'll probably still be arguing; but at least we can hopefully listen to music that's far more worthwhile than the 20-million+ hits YouTube will get for the next Korean plastic pop star... So, thank you & kudos to you & all the intrepid souls rescuing this music from obscurity or oblivion.

    3. PS picked mine up at Harold Moore's nearly as long ago. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay a 'sale' price!

    4. Any 'copyright' may reside in the claimed (p) for 'technical reconstruction': but, would point out, that M.Rose has recently been merrily copying similar EMI LP boxes (Schnabel/Neveu) - not to mention CD's/Audiophile LP reissues...and I invariably do so much work (and not just on the vinyl 'thingies' that EMI kindly 'leave behind') that they become my own 'reconstructions'...

      But when people happily pay for, ie, those 'Amazon' sub-fusc LP copies then 'giving the stuff away' seems daft!

      100 sets @ $5 for the Battistini would cover 1years internet costs.. Whether anyone would be interested in Hina Spani - or Claudio Muzio (2 EMI LPs each) is another matter - but if the inherent downloads would be limited then there's not much point 'doing it for nothing' - although the Elena Gerhardt was expected to be in that category - and has been highly popular (as it is scarcely to be seen as an LP) - though there's no point offering transfers of EMI's LP Wolf: Lieder box (have the 78 albums - except for Vol.1)

  3. Do you by any chance have the claudio muzio tosca act 1 from san francisco which would be a major challenge to make even 50% better

    1. My material is invariably only 'commercial' - so unfortunately not.

      I don't recall EMI doing a particularly good job on the 2LP Muzio album: too much 'intervention'; but many years since I listened to that set.

  4. Hearing these records always reminds me there are little flaws in his singing - the signs of age! - like some shortness of breath, and the occasional wobble. But those are only the minor imperfections - what I carry permanently in my head but always hear anew with astonishment (given his age & him being in retirement!) is the fearless attack, the wonderful tone, the emphatic marcato, and the utterly fearless open top notes. Thrilling, unrepeatable marvels. Thank you (again) for these!

    1. In a few tracks he strangely sounds 'older' - and noticeably interprets the same arias somewhat differently.

      In the main these really do 'leap out of the grooves' - and into the room.

      The additional tracks (on Symposium CD) would be interesting to hear: but leaves me wondering who, at that date, was his closest younger 'rival'..

    2. I've always felt he had no younger rival: the next generation was just different (and more cautious). Caruso had the volume and some of the tone; Borgatti some of the style, Bonci and others were just radically different. Even over the following century, with Vinay, Vickers, Domingo to name but 3, there's not been a singer like him.

      Back to Battistini: did you see that Ward Marston is planning an issue of the 'complete' Battistini? Here. Oh, at substantially more than a token price too :-)

    3. My 'recent discovery' was Eide Norena - wow - but only have 2 78's (Coppola conducted); somewhat worn (not surprisingly).

      Ward Marston will hardly likely have access to EMI metalwork !!

      I might try a 'CD's worth' - ie; the Warsaw's + a bit of the next sessions