14 Oct 2010

Adrian Boult / BBC Symphony Orchestra - Elgar. Symphony 2 ... Holst. Planets ... Vaughan Williams. Job - HMV 1932-1946

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  "Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis".      Recorded:  9 April 1940  - Colston Hall, Bristol.   (HMV DB.3958/9)     
Ralph Vaughan Williams:  "Job" - A Masque for Dancing.     Recorded:  22/3 & 28/9 March 1946 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road.  (HMV DB.6289-93)  
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Gustav Holst:  Suite:  "The Planets", op.32.      Recorded:  2-5 January 1945 -  Corn Exchange, Bedford.  (HMV  DB.6227/8, DBS.6229, DB.6230-3)    FLAC  Mega Download
Sir Edward Elgar:  Introduction & Allegro for Strings. op.47.      Recorded:  24 March 1937 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road   (HMV  DB.3198/9)         
Chopin arr./orch: Elgar: 'Funeral March'.     Recorded: 30 May 1932 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road.  (HMV DB 1722).   
Sir Edward Elgar:  Symphony no.2  in E Flat major, op.63.   I: Allegro vivace e nobilemente  ~ II: Larghetto  ~  III: Rondo (Presto)  ~ IV: Moderato e maestoso     
Recorded: 3,4,25 August & 10 October 1944 - Bedford Grammar School.  (HMV DB 6190-95).
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HMV  ED 29 0800 (1986)  Matrices: -1 / -1  ~  ED 29 0725 (1986)  Matrices: -1 / -1   ~  ED 29 0355 (1985)  Matrices: -2 / -1   Sleeve-notes >>>    Re-edited files   


  1. Thanks for the wealth of recordings that you make available in such high quality tranascriptions.I look forward to your Boult files.The BBC Tallis is a splendid performance but -so far-I have never heard it in good sound

  2. Hello Geoff. The RVW 'Job'/Tallis are next; though 'Job' needed a lot of 'editing' when I dubbed it some 3years ago, as EMI UK pressings could be really 'clicky' circa 1985/6. Seems (though it's not on the sleeve) they were 'digital' - as they have that 'feel' to them - so trust that Tallis is OK for you. I've little experience of 'noise-removal' when it comes to 78's...but an enormous amount of 'manipulation' goes into the files that are available elsewhere. Even though they are 'convincing' it might be best if I just uploaded some 'raw' 78 files (Tallis, etc) -and, as I wouldn't be editing them much, the time saved means I could do a variety of dubs - say, through the Leak valve (with 'correct' EQ/filtering) - as well as Transistor pre-amp (RIAA -needing re-equalizing) - but always using a Shure V15/3 with the Shure elliptical styli - so the initial dub is pretty accurate/analytical (certainly compared to the Pickups invariably used elsewhere).

  3. Hi Frank,

    I'm so happy that you made this Job available! I have Boult's 50's take with the LPO but I've been curious to hear this earlier account, especially since I regard the BBCSO during this time period as one of the truly great orchestras of its day. A lot of folks do not realize what a marvelous orchestra Boult created from scratch. He was, simply, a superb orchestral trainer.

    I think this post wil yield a terrific listen and again, can't thank you enough!


  4. Hello Fred. Nice of you to visit. When I upload the 1944 Planets you'll notice quite a difference compared to his later recordings in terms of the tempi; really quick in places. The 1946 'Job' must be the best he made (& did upload it some 3years back as 192 mp3 - but wasn't too happy with the 'compromise'). The pressing was appalling (should've returned it to HMV Shop (hence the stickers - this/Planets being my last 2LP's bought as new releases). I don't really rate the mono LPO version (the recording is a bit 'opaque' - it also sounds rather 'under-rehearsed'; have various vintages of transfers) and, surprisingly, the LSO 'Job' - bought in '72, doesn't, now, impress as recording quality (similar to my view of most of the HMV stereos compared to the Decca LPO symphony cycle.

  5. Thank you so much for this Tallis. I think there is a primitive recording by VW himself. Do you know it?

  6. I've a new original 78 HMV set of this Tallis, which, if I transferred it, would likely sound pretty 'primitive'..... Can't recall an early RVW-conducted version; possibly it was included in the old Pearl LP/any subsequent CD issue (don't have..) ??

  7. Appreciate the Planets, my favorite being Boult's last version ("78 ?), but have wanted to hear all his versions of this. Have heard perhaps 10 others from other conductors. Considered, if I had more money, downloading a supposedly very good version of this "44 recording from a website, this gave me a chance to preview it. Enjoyed it very much, even if it is brisker than my favorite, had a bit of distortion near the end of Uranus on a loud portion, but thank you much for your efforts.

  8. Any 'distortion' is due to EMI - not me. Any other transfers wouldn't have the same level of 'detail' - although this series of EMI transfers is rather 'garish' for my tastes . Have some nice Constant Lambert conducted stuff coming-up next, sometime..